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When we built our special interest or theme holidays as we describe them, we had connoisseurs like you in our mind.

You have an eye for detail. You believe that nature reveals itself in its details. P eople accept that you find your fulfillment in going any length to find what you admire. You are a connoisseur if we were to describe you in one word.

When we built our special interest or theme holidays as we describe them, we had connoisseurs like you in our mind. We know it’s so hard to please when you know about things so much. There had to be careful research which took hobnobbing with some of the most acclaimed experts on the respective themes, then generating reams of data after visiting some of the best educational institutions in India, finding experts who were ready to accompany you in your travel. We had to train these experts in the nuances of travel while ensuring that their professional feathers were not ruffled. All said and done, we decided that we will only feature those themes for which we could find world class content coupled with hotels that would satisfy the perfectionists.

Adventure | Letting your wilder side express itself was never so easier. Rafting the mighty Ganges, riding on elephant back through treacherous Tiger Trails, Scuba diving in the blue expanse of the Andamans are only some of the adventure options that India offers.

Architecture | Paul Lutyen’s Delhi, Louis Kahn’s Ahmedabad or Le Corbusier’s Chandigarh – these planned cities are some of the architectural expressions in India by renowned international masters. Be guided by eminent architects as you see and learn what the great minds conjured up.

Cookery & Wine | Experience the varied cuisines of the sub-continent in the company of experienced chefs and renowned independent culinary experts. These tours also enable you to taste some of the finest Indian wines and spirits that complement the varied cuisines of India.

Golf & Skiing | India is home to some of the world’s finest golf courses and skiing options. While you are not putting around on these metro greens or skiing down in Gulmarg at breathtaking speeds, you stay at some of the plushest hotels in relative comfort and imbibe the amazing sights and sounds of India.

History | India has 5000 years of human civilization which is un-paralleled in history. The lineage of dynasties and civilizations has left a plethora of monuments and sites to visit. Visit world heritage sites lik e Taj Mahal by moonlight or have dinner amongst the splendid ruins of Hampi.

Health & Wellness | Time and fitness are factors crucial to good living in these modern times. India’s Ayurvedic tradition is time tested and the best stress buster you will ever come across. It is a holistic tradition encompassing the mind and the body .

Weddings/Honeymoon | Weddings/Honeymoon are best served by some superb locations, intricate planning and outstanding hotels in breathtaking locations.

Neemrana Fort, Devigarh and similar resort hideaways will help to proclaim your love in the midst of stunning arrangements.



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