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Our signature luxury holidays under the brand-name Palanquin brings to you the very best of what India offers.

Best of the best – no matter whether it costs the earth and the moon. That’s what the luxury segment of travelers believes in, preaches and practices. Our signature luxury holidays under the brand-name PALANQUIN brings to you the very best of what India offers.

Chosen Destinations | Destinations offering the best of India in terms of a superlative experience. These destinations are well connected by air, rail and road and boast of an illustrious history, magnificent monuments, finest hotels, distinct culture and a hospitable local populace.

High-end Luxury Hotels| Chosen hotels known for their impeccable service quality and luxuriant experience with the finest dining outlets and leisure facilities.

Chauffeured Luxury Cars for Transfers | Plush luxury cars with experienced drivers who are well-versed with the destinations. These maestros educate you with timely anecdotes, local lore while pausing just enough for you to grab a photo .

Specialist Travel Guides | They are not your usual guides who thrive on mediocrity but are educated, suave specialists who take care of your sightseeing and travel needs, acquainting you with irrefutable facts and hidden secrets of the sights that you come across.

Private Jet and Helicopter Transfers | If you do not prefer time delays at Airports and would like to have your holiday with high premium on saving time, our private jets and helicopters are at your beck and call.



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